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Avoid an Auto Accident on July 4th: America’s Most Deadly Holiday

Independence Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in the country. From BBQ chicken and hot dogs to beer and lemonade, friends and families gather all over to share in festivities, fun, and fireworks. However, July 4th also comes with its share of risks. So, it’s essential to be informed about these risks and […]

What Should I do If I Get Hit By a Car in Las Vegas?

Getting hit by a car as a pedestrian is some people’s worst nightmare. For others, the thought that they could fall victim to a car without even being in a car never crosses their mind. And why would it? After all, who is worrying about being in a car accident while they’re walking? Many people […]

How Personal Injury Lawyers Help Accident Victims

Accidents due to the negligence of a third party may require a lawyer depending on the severity of the event or depending on what the victim hopes to recoup from the situation. If you’ve been the victim of an accident in Las Vegas, a personal injury lawyer can help you in many ways. Let’s dive […]